Magical Chelsea: Winter Barefoot Boots With Wool and Side Zip

January 29, 2024Barefoot Chelsea boot with a 6.5mm sole, wide leather upper, wool lining, and hybrid tread.

Hello, my name’s Andrew, and these are the Magical Chelsea, a lightweight barefoot boot with a soft suede upper, side zip, and semi-aggressive tread for roads and light trails.


This winter I tried my first ever barefoot Chealsea boots with the lightweight Mukishoes Chelsea and the sturdy Aylla Uma Chelsea, but I wanted to see if I could find something with a bit of both.

So I asked Magical Shoes for a pair of their Chelsea boots to test, and with the rugged yet cozy vibe, they feel like something King Théoden might kick back in after a long day of slaying orcs.

Magical Shoes Chelsea Boot Features Showcase Edited


Because the Chelsea’s have a medium toebox with a soft suede upper, double-stitch seams for reinforcement, side elastic and zipper for quickly taking them on and off, and lightweight felt insulation and optional heat-reflective wool insoles for extra warmth.

Magical Shoes Chelsea Boot Winter Toebox Desk


Underneath you’ve got a medium 6.5mm zero-drop sole that’s highly flexible in all directions, plus a semi-aggressive tread that’s flat enough for roads but tough enough for light trails, and wraparound stitching for durability.

Magical Shoes Chelsea Boot Winter Tread Desk


Like my thin Magical Alaskan boots I wasn’t sure how versatile the Chelsea’s would be below freezing, so this time I ordered some of Magical’s thermal insoles, and with the thick wool, foam mid layer, and heat reflective bottom, they’re easily the best liners I’ve ever tried.


Heading out for a walk the three layers of insulation were super warm, even down near ten degrees, but the wool and foam were so soft that they didn’t limit the flexibility of the sole, which felt smooth and responsive cruising on roads.

Magical Shoes Chelsea Boot Winter Walk Side Road


Also, the Magical Chelsea’s worked well for doing some casual hiking on gravel paths and snowy trails, but the lower sole and lightweight suede upper were better suited for cold/dry conditions than mud or slush and the thin tread was ideal for gentle slopes, rather than steep, slippery hills.

Magical Shoes Chelsea Boot Winter Tread Trail Back


Because of the side zip the Magical Chelsea’s were perfect for going out to grab the mail, while the minimal suede upper gave me some excellent breathability and casual vibes for running errands.

Magical Shoes Chelsea Boot Winter Side Stool Bedroom Style


Overall the Magical Chelsea is a great option for anyone who wants the agility of a thinner barefoot boot but with some rugged protection and extra warmth.


Because the suede upper is soft and cozy, the side zip is convenient for a busy life, and the 6.5mm zero-drop sole is highly flexible, while still being tough enough to handle some casual hiking.

However, the Chelsea’s toebox isn’t roomy enough for wide feet, the suede upper isn’t waterproof for wet terrain, and the minimal lugs aren’t aggressive enough for steep, slippery hills.

Magical Shoes Chelsea Boot Winter Heel Trail Snow


In terms of similar barefoot Chelsea boots…

  • Mukishoes Chelsea: ultra flexible 3.5mm sole, wide toebox, water-resistant leather upper, and minimal tread for roads.
  • Ahinsa Chelsea: flexible 4mm sole, wide toebox, water-resistant vegan upper, and minimal tread for roads.
  • Aylla Chelsea: thin yet rugged 4mm sole, wide toebox, water-resistant leather upper, and minimal tread for roads and gravel.
  • Magical Shoes Chelsea Boot Winter Voiceover 45deg


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    Thanks for reading, catch ya next time. Peace!

    Andrew Folts

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