Roark Campover Cargo: Durable Lightweight Cotton Hiking Pants

May 26, 2024Lightweight hiking pants with utility pockets, athletic fit, and durable cotton ripstop.

Hello, my name’s Andrew, and these are the Roark Campover Cargo, a lightweight cotton trail pant made with durable ripstop for all season adventures.


Last year I got a pair of L.L.Bean Explorer Pants, which I’ve been wearing nonstop for casual, but they’re not as durable or practical for serious trekking.

So I asked Roark for a pair of their Campover Cargo pants to test, and they’re so packed with features that whenever I take them off…

I literally get worried that they’re just going to walk out the front door and go on adventures without me!

Roark Campover Cargo Hiking Pants Review Stop Motion Walking Animation


Because the Campover’s are made a rugged blend of 98% cotton and 2% elastane for stretch that’s easy to cinch up with a quick-release belt buckle.

But also reinforced with micro-ripstop to prevent tear-outs, as well as a backup button, clip hanger, and deep front pockets that are vented for airflow and clasped with magnets for security.


Around back there’s a left button pocket, cell phone stash, and right zip pocket, which are also lined with mesh, plus a key loop and two side cargo pockets that are wide enough to access without always having to undo the buttons.

For reference I’m 5’ 11” and the 30 worked perfectly with lots of room for movement, but a great tailored fit, as well, which makes the Campover’s feel athletic, rather than baggy.


With 4% spandex and only 70% cotton I found the L.L.Bean Explorer Pants to be slightly more flexible for lounging around, but texture and health-wise I definitely preferred having 98% natural materials with the Roark Campover’s.


Hanging out grilling burgers the Campover’s cotton was thin enough that it stayed cool in the summer heat, but the weave was also tight enough that it had some excellent wind resistance and kept me warm down sitting by the campfire at night.

Similarly, the Campover’s were really comfortable in the car making a four-day roundtrip to the beach and grabbing groceries, although the ripstop does make them look a bit more technical.


Frankly, I was surprised at how breathable the Roark Campover’s were above seventy degrees and I ended up wearing them instead of shorts a lot of days walking on the beach.

For longer treks the Campover’s seven different pockets worked kind of like a mini backpack with legs, allowing me to stow my phone, map, trail mix, jerky, and sunglasses, while still having room to jam my hands in the front pockets, which were both protected from the wind and vented to keep them from getting sweaty.

Roark Campover Cargo Hiking Pants Pockets Showcase

Also, the buttons and zippers were great for keeping my stuff from falling out while doing some bouldering, although I did notice a little tightness when I bent my knees all the way and rubbing from the ripstop, which made them less idea for biking and running.


Overall the Roark Campover’s are my favorite trail pants of all time, and they’re a great option for anyone who wants a balance of style and versatility.


Because the cut is loose yet tailored, the lightweight cotton ripstop provides some excellent temperature regulation and durability, and the seven different pockets can cover anything you need for outdoor adventures.

However, the taper does get a little snug at the knees, the ripstop can rub a bit more than smooth fabric, and generally the Campover’s have a more technical vibe than other casual cargo pants.


In terms of similar outdoor pants…

  • L.L.Bean Explorer: mid-weight with 70% cotton, more minimal ripstop, drawstring/elastic waist, and baggy fit for casual and light hiking or running.
  • Seed Pants Antidote: lightweight with 55% hemp and 40% cotton, undyed options, and a wider crotch for faster hikes, runs, and climbing.
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