Seed Pants Antidote: Best Tech Pants For Hike, Run, and Climb

September 13, 2023Lightweight eco-friendly hemp tech pants with amazing versatility for hike, run, and climb.

Hello, my name’s Andrew, and these are the Seed Pants Antidote, the best tech pants for hike, run, and climb.


For the past few years I’ve been downsizing from a closet full of unworn clothes to a few high-quality shirts and hoodies that I wear 24/7, but finding a good pair of pants has been tough.

Because most outdoor bottoms are either too baggy, too tight, too scratchy, not sustainable, or just “meh.”

So finally I found this small Canadian company called Seed and asked the owner Blake to send me a pair of Antidote’s to test, and basically they’ve got the best of like ten different brands all stitched into the only pants you’ll ever need.

Fit & Sizing

For starters the Antidote pants come in six sizes and fit slim (but not tight) with a higher elastic waist that you can roll up or down to adjust the length, which you can also do with pant legs.

FYI, I’m 5’11” with a 30” waist and went with the small, which fits snug, but for a looser fit you’ll want to go up a size.


Stylistically the Antidote’s look like casual pants, but up close they’ve got a pair slanted pockets for quick access and a gusseted crotch for extra mobility, plus a rad Seed logo around the side.

Personally, I love the green’s, because they’re colorful enough to feel unique yet subtle enough to pair with just about anything, but the Antidote’s also come in black and mustard.

Materials & Sustainability

In terms of materials Seed pants are made from 55% organic hemp for strength and breathability, 41% organic cotton for softness, and 4% Spandex for stretch, which is all sewn together ethically and locally in Calgary, Canada, and shipped with recyclable packing.


Although the Antidote’s are technically “tech” pants they felt so comfortable that I ended up wearing them non-stop for a whole week, after which they still smelled amazing, thanks to the anti-microbial properties of hemp.


But the real test was going out for a hike, and I was really impressed by how light and flexible they felt going up and down hills, thanks to the cuffs-less ankles that you can roll out of the way.


Also, unlike my synthetic Columbia hiking pants, which are super scratchy, Seed pants are thin and soft enough to work for running, and with the gusseted crotch I had a full range of motion for diving under limbs and skipping over rocks.


Unsurprisingly, Seed pants are amazing for tree climbing due to the lightweight, stretchy fabric, and even with my knees fully bent there was still no tightness or limitation of movement.

But bouldering on an old cement wall another thing I noticed was that the open pockets were perfectly angled, so I practically had to be upside down for anything to fall out.

Casual & Workout

Back to casual the Antidote pants were great for lounging around in my hammock and yet versatile enough to hop down and flow straight into pistol squats or yoga poses.

Biking out to Whole Foods for groceries I got some nice airflow from the gusseted crotch and the tailored fit kept my pant legs from getting caught in the gears.

Plus, Seed pants are just a magnet for good vibes, and, you never know what adventures they’ll get you into.


Overall the Seed Antidote’s are a 24/7, do-it-all type of pant, and although they cost more, it feels good to support a small human business, rather than a faceless mega-corporation.


Because the Antidote’s are super lightweight and flexible, the organic hemp and cotton create an eco-friendly balance of comfort and durability, and the design is unique yet minimal enough to pair with anything and anywhere you want to go.

However, the fabric could be too thin for extreme conditions, you might want to size up for a looser fit, and a waist drawstring would be a useful addition for when the elastic eventually wears out.


If you want to support Seed pants, you can shop here, or check out Blake’s Instagram and YouTube for tips on sizing and ideas for styling your Antidote’s.

Thanks for reading. Catch ya next time. Peace!

Andrew Folts

Andrew is a writer/filmmaker who creates video guides and reviews for a community of 25K+ creative rebels on YouTube.