All Terrain Low: Best Groundies Barefoot Shoes For Hike & Run

September 15, 2023Similarto the Vivobarefoot FG’s but with a hybrid tread and more comfy upper padding.

Hello, my name’s Andrew, and these are the All Terrain Low’s, the best Groundies barefoot shoes for hiking and running on roads and trails.


Back in 2017 I started my zero-drop journey with a pair of Vivobarefoot Primus FG’s, but the spartan design can definitely be a shock to anyone who’s used to more traditional shoes.

So this summer I reached out to Groundies and had them send me a pair of All Terrain Low’s, and they’re like the ideal hybrid shoe for anyone who wants a barefoot experience with some mainstream comforts.


Because the All Terrain’s have a medium wide toebox that gets more pointy at the tip, along with a water-resistant upper, lace locks, and padded tongue and heel.

Inside you’ve got a recycled polyester lining and two types of removable insoles to customize the amount of ground feel you want.


Underneath there’s a thin 5.5mm sole with a medium amount of flexibility in both directions, plus a semi-aggressive tread that’s grippy for trail but flat enough for roads and a wraparound guard for extra protection.

FYI, I went with grey, but the Groundies All Terrain’s also come in taupe, black, and other waterproof styles.


Blindfolded, the Groundies All Terrain’s felt almost exactly like my Vivobarefoot Primus FG’s in terms of fit and flexibility.


But the extra padding and flatter tread made them a bit more comfortable going out for a walk on pavement, and the toebox felt slightly wider, which is nice for layering socks as the weather gets colder.


Going up and down muddy hills, there was plenty of space between the lugs for traction, and the rubber guard was like a low-key steel-toe boot, because I could knock my foot against roots and rocks without feeling anything.


Shifting up to a run the Groundies All Terrain’s felt light and snappy, and the flatter lugs held up really well on crunchy gravel and stretches of pavement, although for longer road milage I prefer a thinner barefoot shoe, like the Groundies Active.


Overall the Groundies All Terrain Low’s are a great pick for beginners and a solid hybrid option for anyone who wants a single barefoot shoe that can do it all.


Because the All Terrain’s have a comfy upper and modern design, excellent protection from rocks and water, and a dual-purpose sole that can handle roads and trails all year long.

However, the tread is a bit overkill for running on pavement, the water-resistant upper is less breathable for hot summer days, and the toebox might be too pointy for some, but Groundies also has extra-wide “Barefoot+” styles you can check out.


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Finally, if you have a question about the Groundies All Terrain Low, or about barefoot shoes in general, let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading. Catcha ya next time. Peace!

Andrew Folts

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