Aylla Tiksi Winter: Casual Barefoot Shoes With Fur Insulation

January 8, 2024Barefoot shoe with a 6.5mm semi-aggressive tread, wide leather upper, and fur insulation.

Hello, my name’s Andrew, and these are the Aylla Tiksi Winter, a leather barefoot shoe with warm fur insulation and a durable tread for winter casual.

Aylla Tiksi Winter Features Showcase Desk


One of my all-time favorite winter barefoot shoes is the Magical Alaskan, because it’s extremely lightweight and flexible, but it’s not ideal for wet conditions and the thinner sole can get a little cold below freezing.

So I asked Aylla for a pair of their Tiksi Winter to test, and with the minimalist style and tougher tread, these things are like a fashionable fortress for cold weather living.

Aylla Tiksi Winter Front Road


Because the Tiksi Winter has a wide toebox, along with a water-resistant leather upper, soft casual laces, pull tab, and thick fur insulation on the tongue, sides, and footbed for warmth and breathability.

Aylla Tiksi Winter Toebox Desk


Underneath you’ve got a 6.5mm zero-drop sole with great flexibility in all directions, plus a semi-aggressive non-slip tread that’s flat enough for roads but grippy enough for light trails and wraparound stitching for extra durability.

Aylla Tiksi Winter Tread Desk


Funny enough the Magical Alaskan and Aylla Tiksi Winter both have a 6.5mm tread, but the Tiksi is definitely made with a more dense rubber.

Aylla Tiksi Winter Walk Side Road


So walking on roads I didn’t have quite as much sensitivity, but the Tiksi’s rounded heel and flexible sole still felt smooth with a bit more protection, and the thick fur insulation kept my feet super warm down below freezing, while being puffy enough to wick away moisture.

Aylla Tiksi Winter Fur Lining Pov Trail

Also, the Aylla Tiksi has the best non-slip tread of any barefoot shoe I’ve reviewed and it stuck like glue to a wooden board at 45 degrees.

Aylla Tiksi Winter Board Grip 45deg


Venturing out onto trails the Tiksi’s leather upper was excellent for keeping out mud, slush, and wet grass, and although the tread wasn’t aggressive enough for steep, slippery hills it worked fine for rocky paths and gentle slopes.

Aylla Tiksi Winter Tread Trail Hike


Design wise the Aylla Tiksi feels premium but also classic and minimal, so it’s highly versatile for both casual and outdoor use—especially the chocolate color, which is perfect for disguising dirt stains.

That said, they can also be treated with leather care products, like bamboo lotion or impregnation sprays, which you can find on Aylla’s website.

Aylla Tiksi Winter Stool Style Side


Overall the Aylla Tiksi Winter is a great option for anyone who wants the freedom of a mid-cut barefoot shoe without losing the warmth and toughness of a full winter boot.

Aylla Tiksi Winter Voiceover Front


Because the leather upper is wide and water-resistant, the fur insulation is extremely warm and breathable, and the 6.5mm tread can handle most any kind of terrain for casual adventures.

However, the Tiksi runs and size short and may not be spacious enough for extra-wide feet, the lugs aren’t deep enough for steep, slippery hills, and it would be great if there was a higher-cut version for deep snow.

Aylla Tiksi Winter Back Trail Fence Walk


In terms of similar winter barefoot shoes…

  • Saltic Vintero: wide toebox, waterproof leather upper, minimal insulation, and thin 3.7mm tread for roads and trails.
  • Magical Alaskan: wide toebox, zippered leather upper, wool insulation, and flexible 6.5mm tread for roads and trails.
  • BeLenka Atlas: extra-wide toebox, water-resistant leather upper, fleece lining, and aggressive 8mm tread for mud and snow.
  • Aylla Tiksi Winter Walk Trail Side


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    Thanks for reading, catch ya next time. Peace!

    Andrew Folts

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