Vivobarefoot Gobi Boot: Casual Barefoot Boots For All Seasons

April 10, 2024Barefoot boot with a thin 3.7mm sole, wide water-resistant leather upper, and casual tread.

Hello, my name’s Andrew and these are the Vivobarefoot Gobi Boot, a lightweight barefoot boot with a leather upper and minimal sole for all season casual.


Last year I reviewed the Vivobarefoot Gobi Winterized, which are my favorite casual boots of all time for cold weather, because of the highly flexible upper, wide toebox, and excellent ground feel.

However, my only beef with them is now that we’re moving into spring there are a lot of days where the insulation is too warm, so I asked Vivobarefoot for a pair of their regular Gobi Boots to test, and, yea…

They’ve got all the things I love about the Winterized, but with more versatility for zero-drop adventures in all four seasons.

Vivobarefoot Gobi Boot Features Showcase Desk


Because the Gobi Boot has a wide toebox with a water-resistant chrome-free leather upper that’s reinforced all around for extra protection, as well as minimalist flat laces and top hooks for quick on/off.

Inside there’s a soft leather lining and thin tongue for breathability and improved range of motion, plus a removable recycled insole for padding.


Underneath you’ve got a thin 3.7mm zero-drop sole that’s extremely flexible in all directions, along with a minimal tread for roads and 360º stitching for durability.


While the Vivobarefoot Gobi Winterized was already one of the widest Vivo’s I’ve tried the lack of padding in the regular Gobi Boot added even more space.


So heading out for a walk on roads the thin sole felt just as smooth and natural, but I could feel my toes splaying out further as I landed.

Which made the Gobi’s one of those barefoot boots that looks substantial but still makes you feel like taking off running (even if that’s not what they’re made for).


Branching off onto trails the leather upper and multiple layers of reinforcement were great for keeping out mud and the sole was tough enough to handle some light gravel.

Although, obviously, the Gobi Boot doesn’t have enough tread to handle serious hiking on sharp rocks or muddy hills.


Also, while their sweet spot was around forty to seventy degrees, the thin leather upper worked better for hotter days than thicker zero-drop boots, like my Vivobarefoot Tracker FG’s

…and with a couple layers of Injinji merino wool toe socks and thicker Smartwool’s, as well as a wool felt insole, I was able to stay warm down below freezing.

Running errands the black Gobi’s felt like they’d be great for delivery drivers or even formalwear, while the brown’s would style well for casual…

…and in general they were flexible enough that you could comfortably wear them inside on cold winter days if you didn’t have a pair of slippers handy.


Overall the Vivobarefoot Gobi Boot is an excellent option for anyone who wants an all-season boot for casual that combines a high range of motion with some extra protection for mixed conditions.


Because the toebox is wide and comfy, the leather upper is water-resistant yet thin enough to breathe in warmer weather, and the 3.7mm tread feels amazing walking on roads, or even some light trails.

However, the Gobi Boot may not be roomy enough for extra-wide feet, the leather can soak through if it stays wet long enough, and the higher cut does reduce airflow for hotter days above seventy degrees.


In terms of similar barefoot casual boots…

  • Vivobarefoot Gobi Winterized: wide toebox, water-resistant leather upper, warm synthetic insulation, highly flexible 3.7mm sole, and minimal tread for casual, walking, snow, and light trails in cold weather.
  • Ahinsa Jaya: wide toebox, thin water-resistant vegan upper, lightweight insulation, extremely flexible 4mm sole, and minimal tread for urban casual and snow in cold and cool weather.
  • Farmer Spring: extra-wide toebox, thin leather upper, highly flexible 4mm sole, and semi-aggressive tread for casual, walking, and light trails in cool and warm weather.
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