Mukishoes Jasper: Wide Barefoot Shoes With Minimalist Style

June 24, 2023Low-top barefoot sneaker with a thin 3.5mm sole, wide toebox, and organic cotton upper.

Hello, my name’s Andrew, and these are Mukishoes, the best wide barefoot shoes for minimalist style.


Last video I reviewed the Softstar Primal’s, which are about as wild as a barefoot shoe could be.

So this video I went super basic by asking Mukishoes for a pair of their Jasper’s to test, and they’re easily the most minimal minimalist shoes I’ve even worn.


Because the Jasper has a wide, foot-shaped toebox with a simple organic cotton upper, plus flat style laces, a heel tab, and a thin lining for ground feel.


Underneath there’s an ultra flexible 3.5mm sole with a rounded, slip-resistant tread that’s ideal for walking on pavement and concrete.


While I personally love the Jasper, because it looks just like my Vibram V-Trek’s but without the separate toes…

Mukishoes comes in lots of different high and low-top styles, all with the same flexible sole.


The clever thing about Mukishoes is that from the outside they look slim like a normal shoe, but because they’ve got more room up top, they’re actually perfect for anyone with wide feet or high arches.


Going out for long walks on pavement the Jasper’s gave me an amazing ground feel, and the upper is thin enough to provide some nice airflow.

Also, at 176 grams, Mukishoes are the lightest barefoot shoes I own, and the cotton is smooth enough to wear barefoot, or with a pair of Injinji merino toe socks, if you want to keep them clean.


Given their minimalist design Mukishoes are great for casual or low-key office wear, and I like to wear them with a loose pant rolled up, like so…

That said if you have narrow feet Mukishoes might be a little wide up to top, but you can always add a thin insole to make them more snug.


Over all Mukishoes are the perfect barefoot shoes for anyone who wants something thin, light, and minimal with enough room for wide feet or high arches.


Because while they look slim and stylish, the organic cotton upper has tons of volume and the thin 3.5mm sole feels soft and grippy on pavement.

However, the tread will wear out faster on rougher surfaces, like gravel, the fabric isn’t waterproof, and they might be a bit loose for anyone with skinny feet.


In terms of similar barefoot shoes…

  • Wildling Tanuki: eco-friendly paper upper with a wide toebox and a similar 3.5mm sole.
  • BeLenka Cityscape: leather upper with an extra-wide toebox and a 4mm sole.
  • Splay Freestyle: has a non-organic cotton upper with a wide toebox and a thicker 6.5mm sole.
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    Andrew Folts

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