Roark Well Worn: Best Casual Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Tee

May 6, 2024Long sleeve midweight tee made with organic cotton, vintage heather, and loose casual fit.

Hello, my name’s Andrew, and this is the Roark Well Worn, the best organic long sleeve tee for all-season casual.

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Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different long sleeve t-shirts, and while some have been natural, or stylish, or organic, I’ve never owned one that checked all the boxes and felt like something I’d want to wear 24/7.

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So I asked Roark for their Well Worn long sleeve to test and, yea, with the soft weathered vibe it’s basically what Tom Hanks would wear if he ditched his dessert island rags and started a sustainable clothing brand.

Roark Well Worn Long Sleeve Front Beach


Because the Well Worn is a made with a creamy organic cotton that’s cross stitched for a subtle heather texture, plus a minimal collar, front pocket, and tapered sleeves.

Roark Well Worn Long Sleeve Collar Closeup

In terms of fit I’m 5’11” and the Well Worn medium worked perfectly with an open neckline, seams that run straight down your shoulders, and a loose athletic cut that looks as good with chinos as it does with a parka jacket or hiking pants, like the Roark Campover’s.

Roark Well Worn Long Sleeve Side Sleeve Shoulder Closeup


During winter I tend to wear hoodies a lot for some extra warmth, but for the other three seasons, a mid-weight long-sleeve tee can be super versatile for both cool and warm days.


Hanging out in my hammock the Roark Well Worn’s organic cotton felt amazing against my skin and it’s kind of hard to describe, but the heather stitching gave it like a subtle waffle texture that was highly satisfying.

Roark Well Worn Long Sleeve Pocket Closeup

Also, the Well Worn tee looked really chill for filmmaking and because of the thinner fabric breathable enough for some casual adventures, like zooming around on a skimboard, going for a bike ride, or just stretching out for a nap.

Roark Well Worn Long Sleeve Skimboard Beach


For light hiking the Well Worn’s more open collar and semi-loose fit were nice for some extra airflow, although, like any mid-weight tee, you want to be careful around thorns or anything that could tear the fabric.

Roark Well Worn Long Sleeve Walk Away Beach 2

Finally, another good way to get more life out of apparel is to skip the drier and just hang your shirts up on a line to dry.

Roark Well Worn Long Sleeve Nap Bench Beach


Overall the Roark Well Worn is my favorite casual long sleeve of all time with the soft organic cotton, perfect cut, and vintage vibes at a reasonable price.

Roark Well Worn Long Sleeve Side Beach Sleeve


But in terms of alternatives…

  • Duckworth Henley: lightweight merino wool, medium cut, and Midwest sensibility for cool and cold weather casual.
  • Tracksmith Harrier: ultra breathable mid-weight merino wool, slimmer cut, and retro New England aesthetic for technical hiking and running.
  • Roark Well Worn Long Sleeve Bottom Beach


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    Thanks for watching, catch ya next time. Peace!

    Andrew Folts

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