Tracker FG Textile: Best Waterproof Vivobarefoot Hiking Boots

November 29, 2023Barefoot hiking boots with a tough 7mm sole, waterproof vegan upper, and aggressive tread.

Hello, my name’s Andrew, and these are the Vivobarefoot Tracker FG Textile, the best waterproof Vivo’s for firm ground hiking.


Back in 2017 I bought my first pair of zero-drop hiking boots with the Vivobarefoot Primus Trek and six years later they’re still going, but they’re not 100% waterproof and the upper’s a bit low for nasty conditions.

So I asked Vivobarefoot for a pair of their Tracker FG Textile to test and they’re like a bad weather juggernaut, while only being HALF the weight of a traditional hiking boot (434g vs 860g).

Vivobarefoot Tracker Fg Textile Toebox Desk


Because the Tracker Textile has a wide, foot-shaped toebox with a waterproof vegan upper, wraparound toe guard, gusseted tongue, lace hooks for quick release, sealed seams, and slanted ankle cuff for mobility.

Inside the whole boot is lined with a warm, breathable membrane, along with a removable heat-reflective insole for extra insulation.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Fg Textile Heel Desk


Underneath you’ve got a medium-thin 7mm sole that’s flexible in all directions and an aggressive tread with hexagonal lugs that are spaced to handle muddy hills but still flat enough to work on rocks and roads.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Fg Textile Tread Desk


Putting on the Vivobarefoot Tracker Textile the first thing I noticed was how flexible the upper was compared to my old leather hiking boots.


So going out for a hike they felt a lot more natural than I expected and the slanted back gave me a good range of motion for picking up the pace.

At one point I got a little stone under my sock, but the lace hooks made it really easy to take the Tracker off and dump it out and put it back on without freezing my toes off, and even dunking it into a stream my feet stayed completely dry.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Fg Textile Untie Trail Side Lace Hooks


For rocky terrain the zero-drop 7mm sole gave me a good balance of ground feel and protection, which is especially useful for backpacking, because it keeps your feet from getting beat up by the extra weight.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Fg Textile Hill Down Trail Side

Also, while the tread on the Tracker Textile isn’t quite as aggressive as something like the Vivobarefoot Tracker SG (Soft Ground), the traction was solid enough to handle muddy hills and the flatter lugs actually felt pretty good walking on pavement.

Lastly, despite the lighter weight, the Tracker’s sturdy upper was like wearing outdoor armor and bashing into roots I was more worried about the tree than my foot!

Vivobarefoot Tracker Fg Textile Rocks House Side Tread


Overall the Vivobarefoot Tracker FG Textile is a workhorse for tough terrain and nasty conditions, while still being flexible enough for natural movement.


Because the vegan upper is wide and waterproof, the tread is flat yet open for handling rocks and mud, and with the breathable insulation you can layer socks up or down to keep hiking all year around.

However, the toebox may be too slanted for some foot shapes, the semi-aggressive lugs aren’t as grippy on wet hills, and the protection can feel like overkill for casual walks.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Fg Textile Water Trail Pov


In terms of similar barefoot hiking boots…

  • Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter: medium 7.5mm sole, waterproof leather upper, wide, insulated toebox, and aggressive lugs for wet conditions.
  • Xero Alpine: thicker 9mm sole, waterproof vegan upper, wide, insulated toebox, and similar aggressive lugs for soft ground.
  • Softstar Switchback: thickest yet most flexible 9.5mm Vibram Megagrip sole, water-resistant leather upper, wide or extra-wide toebox, and hybrid tread for mixed terrain.
  • Vivobarefoot Tracker Fg Textile Voiceover Vs Merrell Traditional


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    Thanks for watching, catch ya next time. Peace!

    Andrew Folts

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