Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter SG: Warm Waterproof Hiking Boots

December 21, 2023Barefoot winter boot with a 7.5mm sole, waterproof leather upper, and lugs for wet terrain.

Hello, my name’s Andrew, and these are the Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter SG, a waterproof hiking boot with warm wool insulation and an aggressive tread for hardcore trekking.


Last winter I was hiking in some lightweight barefoot boots when I stepped too close to this steep snowy ravine and I seriously thought I was going to die, because the minimal soles didn’t have enough grip for me to move without falling.

Luckily, I was able to crawl back up on my hands and knees, but, yea, this year I learned my lesson and asked Vivobarefoot for a pair of Tracker Winter SG’s to test, and, suffice it to say, these things make raging blizzard feel like a tropical beach.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Features Showcase Desk Edited


Because the Tracker Winter’s have a wide toebox and a waterproof leather upper that’s double-sealed with a wraparound rubber strip, plus padded lace locks, a fully gusseted tongue, slanted ankle cuff for mobility, and large pull tab for quickly taking the boot on and off.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Toebox Desk

Inside the ankle’s cushioned for all-day trekking and micro-perforated for breathability, while the tongue and footbed are lined with a warm wool felt that’s balanced out by mesh panels for airflow and a removable heat-reflective insole to keep your feet toasty in arctic weather.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Wool Insulation Desk


Underneath you’ve got a rugged 7.5mm sole with great flexibility in all directions and an aggressive set of chevron lugs that are angled in the front and back to give you maximum traction going up and down wet, slippery hills.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Tread Fron Desk


Judging by my Xero Alpines, which are super grippy but a little stiff, I thought I might have to sacrifice some ground feel and flexibility with the Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter SG’s, but, frankly, they’ve even more agile than my Tracker FG’s.


So going out for a walk I had a good sense of the changing terrain under my feet and the open back made it easy to stride naturally without feeling like I was trapped inside of a clunky foot prison, like traditional trekking boots.

Obviously the Tracker SG’s are meant for soft ground use, but the lugs were spaced evenly enough that I didn’t notice them on short stretches of pavement.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Walk Away Trail


Tromping up steep hills the aggressive tread did an excellent job of biting down into the snow, so I could pull myself forward, and coming` down the back lugs worked like mini spikes, keeping my heels from sliding out from under me.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Hike Up Hill Front

Picking my way through brush the Tracker Winter’s soft, padded ankle gave me a great range of motion, although I could feel a little pressure down lower near the wraparound rubber guard, and while the wool lining was all I needed for most days, adding a thin wool felt insole and layering Injinji merino wool toe socks got me down below zero.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Hike Side Trail

Also, the waterproofing for real, and I was able to stand in a frozen stream with out any leakage, however, as with any boot, avoiding water when possible and using a waterproofing product like what Vivobarefoot sells on their website will help protect the adhesive from deteriorating over time.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Waterproof Stream Side


Overall the Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter SG is an extremely tough hiking boot for hardcore trekking that’s still lightweight and flexible enough to satisfy veteran barefooters, like myself.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Voiceover Tread


Because the waterproof leather upper and wraparound guard can handle even the nastiest winter conditions, the wool and mesh lining provide a great balance of warmth and breathability, and the aggressive 7.5mm tread can chew its way through any kind of soft ground terrain.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Heel Flex Trail Pov

However, Tracker Winter isn’t roomy enough for extra-wide feet, the wraparound guard does make the boot more snug around the lower ankle, and the aggressive tread provides very little traction on hard, slippery surfaces like black ice and wet boardwalks.

Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Tread Road


In terms of similar winter barefoot hiking boots…

  • Softstar Switchback: optional extra-wide toebox, lightweight water-resistant leather upper, merino wool insulation, and flexible 9.5mm Vibram tread for mixed terrain.
  • BeLenka Winter Boot: extra-wide toebox, waterproof leather upper, thick merino wool insulation, flexible 8mm sole, and aggressive lugs for soft ground.
  • Xero Alpine: wide toebox, waterproof vegan upper, synthetic insulation, firm 8mm sole, and aggressive tread for alpine trekking or snowshoeing.
  • Vivobarefoot Tracker Winter Sg Waterproof Toe Stream Pov


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    Thanks for reading, catch ya next time. Peace!

    Andrew Folts

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